Dorothy Cotton Speaks During the Fifth Annual ACCORD Freedom Trail Luncheon at the Casa Monica on Saturday

July 5 - Dr. Dorothy Cotton joined Dr. Robert B. Hayling and the daughter and granddaughter of the late Rev. Goldie M. Eubanks Jr., another civil rights leader at the fifth annual 40th ACCORD Freedom Trail Luncheon at Casa Monica Hotel on Saturday, July 2nd to relay the message that "The journey isn't over."

Forty-seven years to the day after the federal Civil Rights Act was signed on July 2, 1964, the luncheon commemorates the Civil Rights demonstrations by Recognizing, and Honoring all those who risked their lives to attain civil rights for all and celebrating St. Augustine's pivotal role in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Cotton relived some of these moments while sharing her thoughts on an everlasting evolution of humanity. “There will always be something that will call for our energy, attention and love. I frequently ask, 'Now, where do you go from here?' There's plenty for you to do. Seek (to create) a place that is acceptable and nurturing for everyone. Each leg of our journey is transformative and points to the next leg. We have just to open our hearts and realize what the lessons are."

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