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“What Is Your Life’s Blueprint?”: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Advice for Young People


"The Burning Truth in the South": MLK on Peaceful Student Protests

In his speech “The Burning Truth in the South”, Martin Luther King, Jr. says the appeal of nonviolence has many facets.

Martin Luther King's Beloved Community and #BlackLivesMatter

The movie Selma deserves the accolades it has received not just for it

From Freedom Summer to Ferguson: Teaching Martin Luther King, Jr. in 21st Century Classrooms

“[Students] are in reality standing up for the best in the American dream. . . .

Fifty Years After the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. King Remains an Essential Voice

Fifty years ago today, at the age of thirty-five, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Toward a Better World: Following the Way of Martin Luther King

Recently, I returned to my home town and found myself flipping through a fake “yearbook” students assembled that asked students who they thought their peers wante

The Essential Martin Luther King, Jr.

August 28, 2013, marks the 50th anniversary of the

The 50th Anniversary of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”

April 16th marks the 50th anniversary of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” a passionate response by Dr.

A Global Reading of King's Books

By Lewis V. Baldwin, Jr.

Spirituality as an Integral Aspect of World Religions: A Global Reading of the Prayers of Martin Luther King, Jr.